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Job Opportunities for Women in Saudi Arabia



There used to be a time in Saudi Arabia, when women’s careers were confined to schools, salons or hospitals the most. Even in this technology-driven Kingdom, ladies (specially the expats) rather felt backward with little or no choice in making career decisions. Or if there was a rare opportunity somewhere; a company/firm eager to utilize the service regardless of the gender, this job vacancy stayed in oblivion to the target candidates due to the lack of means of spreading awareness.

But gradually, thanks to online job search and social media popularity, internet has provided some flexibility and opened the digital world of endless opportunities to not just the dominant gender but also to females. Ladies can now apply their knowledge and skills into something productive, make some earnings and explore their career options further while being in the Kingdom.

Although, it is still challenging for ladies to get a full-time employment with a proper designation -given that there is still a strong preference given to male candidates and recruitment for Saudi nationals is the usual requirement – there is a great scope for them to work as a home-based professional or a freelancer!

Sites like,,, etc, have made it easier for the job seekers to merge with the clients and work on the desired task. Nationality or gender is no more a factor becoming an obstacle even while being in Saudi Arabia!

Generally speaking, this digitalization has made job hunting more convenient (in fact more effective). True, hard copies of your CVs are not yet obsolete as they are at some places still required but to give you an interview call, many recruiters just need to have a good look at your emailed CVs or the ones furnished on your social media sites like Publishing and showcasing your portfolio and work samples on sites like make a better impression of your overall work profile and play an important role in getting you hired.

All in all, if one makes use of internet smartly in job search and effectively expressing their skills set, regardless of the gender he/she can certainly land a job and get paid without having to leave their confines of home.

  • David Raquel

    I am a Filipino expat women looking for job vacancies