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FASTING – A Plethora of Surprising Benefits




Assalaamu Alaikum and Ramadan Kareem!

It is the Holy month when Muslims around the world observe the essence of fasting. We all are aware of the spiritual benefits that cleanse one’s soul and purify the faith. But did you know fasting is extremely beneficial and significant for our mind and body, more than you might have thought!
Let’s have a look at these scientifically proven benefits:

  1. Improves Blood Sugar Level

After spending long hours without eating, your blood sugar level decrease as your body consumes the stored glucose in order to produce energy. This makes our body more efficient in this vital process of metabolism and consequently, keeps numerous illnesses at bay which come with high blood sugar.
However, diabetic patients should always seek their doctor’s advice when considering to fast.

  1. Controls Cholesterol

Following a healthy, non-greasy diet during Ramadan makes it ideal for lowering your cholesterol level and thus greatly reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. So evidently, fasting is great for your heart!

  1. Speeds Up Metabolism

Fasting regulates your digestion and improves your metabolic function by giving your digestive system a rest. An efficient metabolism facilitates the absorption of nutrients from the food, which is necessary for optimum functioning of the body’s systems, and the calorie burning process.

  1. Helps Weight Loss

Studies have shown that fasting can be a much safer way to lose weight than ‘dieting’.  You may gain all those pounds you lost during dieting once you are off it, sometimes with extra pounds added. But this is certainly not the case with fasting.
In Ramadan, with intermittent fasting, your body is allowed to burn fat cells more effectively rather than storing them up for later usage (which is more likely to happen with regular dieting). Your stomach also gradually shrinks and results in reduction of your appetite level.

  1. Boosts Brain Function

A scientific research carried out proved that fasting has a positive effect on one’s mental wellbeing by increasing the production of a protein called ‘brain-derived neurotrophic factor’, which triggers more brain cells to be produced that promote neural health. This also guards against diseases associated with brain like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

  1. Detoxify

During fasting, apart from breaking down stored fat to release energy, your body also clears up toxins that build up in the fat deposits. This body cleanse will regulate the functioning of organs like liver and kidneys, that play a vital role in eliminating waste and harmful chemical build-up in our bodies. That also means if you have acne, your skin gets a chance to get cleared!

  1. Promotes Longevity

It has been known; the less you eat, the longer you live. Limiting food intake every year during Ramadan reduces the risks diseases common in old age and thus, could be adding years to your life. Or at least, this may lengthen the period of life spent in good health.


So now you know the incredible health benefits of fasting. Just be sure not to indulge in ‘binge-eating’ during Iftar to avoid negative effects like flatulence, bloating, etc.
Verily, Ramadan is the month full of blessing!