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Eid-ul-Fitr and Its Perks in Saudi Arabia



As the days near to the end of the holy month of Ramadan, anticipation for Eid begins to build up too. Established upon moon-sighting, this festival is celebrated in the honor of completing the observance of 29 or 30 days of fasting.
Let’s take a glance at how Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated in Saudi Arabia particularly:

1- Preparation

During the last 10 days of Ramadan, you will encounter two types of people: A) Those who stay in mosques/their homes for the purpose of worshiping and in the quest for the great night of Laylatul Qadr. B) Those who spend most of their time in markets, shopping for Eid in full swing.

It won’t be uncommon to see the shops bustling with people and the roads in commotion with traffic, as late as 2 am in the night. It is actually one of those significant things people miss while their “post-Ramadan depression” state, as during normal days, shops in Saudi Arabia usually get closed before midnight.
Saudies devotedly renovate and decorate their homes. Traditional big meals are also dedicatedly prepared at homes to be served to families and friends as a grand Eid feast. Sweet dishes get extra attention this occasion.

Bakeries and confectioners make the most profit during this time of the year, as they are crowded with consumers who are busy making their choices and purchasing their favorite sweet items. Assorted sweetmeats arranged in decorative pre-packed containers are the usual picks but even cakes and other sweet delicacies also get to go home.
Beauty parlors and salons find their businesses at peak too. These are swarmed with ladies who sometimes wait for hours, looking forward to get pampered and groomed for the occasion. There are even cases who spend the whole night before Eid in salons getting beautified and by the time they turn up their homes, it is Fajr time!

2- The Occasion

Usually, public holiday of first 3 days is declared by the Saudi government in the observance of Eid-ul-Fitr. If the 3 days are followed by the weekend, then it is icing on the cake as individuals and families can get to have longer days to spend for vacation. Saudi families take this opportunity to travel and visit their relatives across the country.
Men, children and sometimes women visit mosque in order to perform the Eid prayer which takes place after the break of dawn. Donned in their favorite new attire, children are excited to show off what they are wearing and getting complimented. So are the ladies, who reveal their Eid dresses to their female friends after greeting each other with a customary hug.

One of the things children are most excited about is receiving ‘Eidi’ which could be gift in the form of money or any present.

As resorts and farmhouses spike with bookings, the prices even double since this is the season when Saudies prefer going for camping. Corniche is one of the favorite spots for the families to gather and spend a recreational time with their loved ones. You will also find shopping malls and amusement parks packed with people.
Dining out is another popular activity. On the third day of Eid-ul-Fitr, fireworks at the Corniche adorn the skies in the evening and people drive all the way from far just to witness this breathtaking scenery by the sea!

Warm wishes for everyone celebrating this joyous occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, also globally known as the “Sweet Eid”!