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Good Eats for Winter

winter food

Winter is the season of joy for those who have been waiting to dig out their favorite cardigans and jackets. For some it could be a mental battle trying to get out of those soft warm blankets and cozy beds. Nevertheless, everyone looks forward to hearty, body-warming and spirit-lifting food. Here are five of our […]

Housemaid: An Asset or An Excuse?

housemaid arab

With one hand locked onto her ear as she is diligently conversing on phone with someone, she signals the driver with the other to leave after dropping the kids at the gate. Kids being all day at school, must have missed their ‘guardian angel’ who would help them freshen up and feed them with their […]

Job Opportunities for Women in Saudi Arabia


  There used to be a time in Saudi Arabia, when women’s careers were confined to schools, salons or hospitals the most. Even in this technology-driven Kingdom, ladies (specially the expats) rather felt backward with little or no choice in making career decisions. Or if there was a rare opportunity somewhere; a company/firm eager to […]

Eid-ul-Fitr and Its Perks in Saudi Arabia


  As the days near to the end of the holy month of Ramadan, anticipation for Eid begins to build up too. Established upon moon-sighting, this festival is celebrated in the honor of completing the observance of 29 or 30 days of fasting. Let’s take a glance at how Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated in Saudi Arabia […]

FASTING – A Plethora of Surprising Benefits


We all are aware of the spiritual benefits that cleanse one’s soul and purify the faith. But did you know fasting is extremely beneficial and significant for our mind and body, more than you might have thought!
Let’s have a look at these scientifically proven benefits:

A Journey from Creativity to Canvas

unleashing your magination

Speaking of ‘canvas’, we don’t want the word to be restricted to just the paintings but also want the ‘frame’ of reference to be used for any space – be it anything tangible or just a blank mind waiting for ideas – that could be furnished with your creativity.

Summer Survival Guide

summer survival guide

During these long, tedious, warmer days we tend to avoid any chore or activity that might make us ‘break a sweat’ even slightly. Adults would like to wish and adopt such a carefree attitude towards their duties that they are on a summer break, whereas “School’s out” flag is what the children can’t wait for.
However, with the following ‘beat-the-heat’ tips, you can stay healthy and energized throughout the hot climate:

MUGHAL – All Set to Raise Curtains


We, the Mughal team, would like to extend a warm welcome to our readers and future visitors. To those who are new to this site and our brand name, we take pride in introducing Mughal Restaurant as the leading expert that has been providing premium dining experience to the food enthusiasts and connoisseurs in the heart of Kingdom’s Eastern province; Al Khobar.